Our team filters outlooks of numerous financial institutions to provide independent advisory solutions for investors in line with their expectations.

Our private banking service includes everyday banking transactions, portfolio management, alternative investments as well as credit facilities.


In partnership with a reputable third party, we offer tailor-made solutions for:
  • Succession planning to facilitate distribution of assets
  • Tax planning and feasibility consulting
  • Setting up asset protection structures
  • Relocation for Hungary, UAE, Malta and EU 1 countries


Real estate is a capital intensive, highly cash flow dependant asset class with limited liquidity relative to other investments.

Our real estate investment offer involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate . We connect our clients with real estate development experts, clients may invest directly to a project or contribute through a fund. We have a well established network of Real Estate Developers in States, Europe and Australia for every budget.


Excellent execution-mediocre strategy will beat mediocre execution-excellent strategy.

We offer consultancy services to start-ups, small and midsize companies on an array of topics including strategy, business and corporate development, investment planning, marketing & sales, organizational performance and people management. Our services focus on financial services, real asset management, healthcare, and consumer goods. Our tailored solutions offer actionable recommendations for our clients for long-lasting results.

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